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Paul Smith Fitness in Bristol provides sports and deep tissue massage therapy to both athletes with sports injuries and niggles as well as non athletes with general aches and pains.

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Paul Smith provides sports and deep tissue massage, personal training and nutritional advice to wide range of people with varying requirements, from the sedentary to the sport specific, so whatever your goals are; you are in the right place to get started!

Paul Smith

Whether you are looking to recover from an injury, improve performance or just generally meet your lifestyle requirements, I am able to help you out. My wealth of experience in a number of areas will ensure you receive the most specific training in order to meet your goals.

Since qualifying through Premier Training International and Lifetime Health & Fitness, I have always looked for opportunities to help others in the sports and well being industry, whether it be through my own research or attending regular fitness conventions and courses.

Coming from a sporting background has lead me to lead a healthy lifestyle, consisting of regular exercise and healthy eating. Feeling the benefits first hand gives me the desire and motivation to help others feel this way, whatever your goals may be.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage…

Day to day activities such as sitting for long periods, driving, cycling, running and swimming, result in the build up of tension and toxins within the muscles. You may feel a burning or achy/heavy feeling in your muscles, which progressively gets worse with time.

Having a massage at this point will promote a fresh supply of blood to your muscles, realign the muscle fibres, release the trigger points, and to sum it up, make you feel amazing!

Tight Muscle = Reduced Movement = Pain

Athlete, office worker, drive for long periods, poor posture, sports injury, general aches and pains? If you answer yes to any of these then you will benefit from a massage.

Deep Tissue Massage - The Benefits

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